Successful Utility Corridor Locating

Line Finders’ Locators sucessfully located 137 utility corridors along spreads 2 and 3 of the Denbury Greencore Pipeline. Our locators performed locating and line crossing services  for 8 different utility companies (see list below) along the 115 mile route, through the heart of Wyoming’s Powder River Basin. While coordinating with 2 different pipeline construction companies (Rockford Corp and Price-Gregory), our staff located/marked 88 miles of parallel line and 137 utility corridors to be crossed. With personnel on-site for each locate, vacuum excavation exposure, utility crossing and backfill, we are proud to say there were ZERO line strikes and no unmarked utilities! Those results were achieved with only 3 locators!

Companies represented:

  • Anadarko CO2 Transmission
  • Anadarko Petroleum
  • Anadarko Water
  • Belle Fourche Pipeline
  • High Plains Gas
  • Lance Oil & Gas
  • Western Gas Resources
  • WPX Energy (Formerly Williams Production)