Utility Locator

Job Duties (including but not limited to)

  • Respond to locate requests within the legal time limit.
  • Schedule and monitor line crossings/excavations to ensure integrity of utilities is kept.
  • Complete required paperwork for locates and line crossings / excavations.
  • Report any/all One-Call violations to Supervisor.
  • Document and educate third party contractors in violation of One-Call Law.
  • Perform all tasks pertaining to line crossing:
    • Determine crossing location by referencing maps
    • Contact excavating contractor to review crossing
    • Use line locator to locate line, probe and stake line
    • Monitor/inspect actual line crossing and complete crossing report.
  • Take appropriate measures (e.g. awareness follow-up procedures/cease digging) to ensure the integrity of the pipeline during abnormal right-of-way (ROW) conditions (any excavation near the line) and follow up with supervisor.
  • Perform all tasks pertaining to pipeline repair, pipeline integrity and line crossings/excavations using appropriate company procedures.
  • Monitor/inspect HydroVac exposure of utilities, when required.
  • Ensure right-of-way (ROW) signage/markings meet company requirements.
  • Resolve conflicts, questions, or concerns that arise through the Wyoming One-Call System.
  • Respond to questions excavators might have during and prior to excavation.
  • Participate in excavation incident and line strike investigations.
  • Assist with implementation of corrective actions from investigations.
  • Enforce companies’ excavation and one call policies, including stopping work if an excavator does not meet all requirements.
  • Maintain (clean/inspect) company vehicle and equipment.

Physical Demands

  • Frequently required to type, write, drive, stand, walk or crouch in a field environment
  • Must occasionally lift and/or move manhole covers or similar items weighing +/- 50 lbs
  • Specific vision abilities required by this position include close vision and distance vision


  • 1 year of verifiable utility locating experience is preferred
  • Must be organized with an attention to detail
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Basic understanding and use of computers
  • Valid driver’s license with clean motor vehicle record
  • Effective at coordinating job details with others (multitasking)
  • Good communications and people skills
  • Knowledge of pipeline systems and safety is preferred


Before the end of the 90 day training period the employee must obtain the following:

  • Department of Transportation Operator Qualifications (OQs) on all required covered tasks prior to performing work independently 
  • PEC Premiere Basic Orientation
  • SafeLandUSA Certification
  • First-Aid/CPR Certification
  • Utility Locator Certification
  • Contracted companies’ orientations